Crown Belle Naturals products are a must have. I had a very itchy scalp but just after one wash with the African black soap healing shampoo & moisturizing conditioner all the itching stopped. The scalp treatment balm is also very soothing to the scalp. You will absolutely get your money’s worth. Spectacular product❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Angela O. Customer
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Moving from Maryland to Phoenix was one of the best decisions I made along with my husband. But with the dry climate here in Phoenix I have struggled with finding the right hair products for me and my girls that can keep our hair moisturize. But finally we have Crown Belle products. My oldest daughter has always suffered from dry flaky, dandruff scalp but thanks to your scalp balm treatment her scalp is more healthy and less dry flaky dandruff scalp. So far so good Sis. We’re enjoying the products and just wanted to update you.
Ohemaa ArkuettaCustomer
I’ve been using the Herbal oil on my scalp like you suggested and massaging it and it is amazing!Any time I notice dryness on my scalp I grab it because 1.) it is not oily, 2.) I love the way my hair smells after using it, and 3.) it actually moisturizes my hair. Not only do all the products smell incredible, but you can easily tell they were made with care and are homemade, with natural products (that was actually my first thought when I opened and used the shampoo for the first time lol). Will certainly buy again and recommend! 💕
Ivy MacCustomer
On my Second shampoo bottle of Crown Belle Naturals, I love this stuff. You know that clean, cool feeling you get in your mouth after brushing your teeth with a minty toothpaste or chewing on a minty gum, that’s how this shampoo feels like on your scalp after you’re done using it. 🥰 it’s a most get.
Nadege L.Customer
did her hair yesterday night and she said all day in school today she got compliments. Also she love how shiny and healthy the scalp balm makes her scalp feel. It’s not too strong or minty like most scalp treatments products that will leave your eyes burning 😂
Mrs Munu.Customer
My 4c hair loves these products!!!! For the first time I can rely on a product that does not neglect my hair. I’m in loveeeeee!!!!" Among all the products the African black soap shampoo exceeds expectations! Why you say? Because I have used many black soap shampoos and nothing compared to this. This is the first black soap shampoo that I’ve used that moisturizes my hair and cleans it all in one. I’m totally in love! This is my new favorite shampoo. It was super easy to distribute the product through my strands without adding extra shampoo. After rinsing, my hair feels clean and ready for the rest of my hair regimen steps.
Mrs Munu.Customer
I tried the product the other day I must say that the conditioner is like crack 😂 it’s soooo addicting. You really don’t need much but if you are not careful you will use the whole thing. I think the conditioner is absolutely my favorite one Iv ever tried it really made my hair soft and easy to comb through but then again I’m not sure if it’s because I used all the products together but I really did see a difference
Alice ImpraimCustomer
Hey boo!! Just an update I used the products yesterday and they are absolutely amazing!!! I like the new shampoo you sent me it is definitely much “soapier” than the first one you sent me so I really liked that! The conditioner and the leave in codntioner were so amazing has my hair feeling so soft 😍
Josie A.Customer
These products makes my hair so silky and smooth and while washing it feels amazing 😉 . Hey Deaconess I feel to let you know it is definitely worth the money 💰I will recommend to everyone to give it a try! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 😘
Grace Adams.Customer
My Experience with your stuff has been amazing 1. NO MORE DRY SCALP 2. I feel my hair refreshed evrytime i use the shampoo and conditioner 3 . This is the best product and i highly recommend it to anyone and everyone !!
Jamel DeSouzaCustomer
Hey dear Sorry for this late feedback Omg we love the African black soap shampoo. When I say we, I mean my daughter and I. We all have very sensitive skin and I have inflamed hair follicles and this shampoo works wonders on our scalp and hair. It doesn’t strip the hair oils but keeps the hair soft and bouncy lol. The conditioner is a little strong for us (smell I mean), like I said we are very sensitive so I use a little bit of it but a little does go a long way. I love using the growth oil for myself. It doesn’t make my scalp itch like other oils I’ve tried so it definitely helps with the inflammation. The butter is very smooth and using it to braid my daughters hair makes it easy, it detangkes nicely and I don’t hear ‘mummy it hurts’ often lol. Thank you so much for these products and may you continue to expand in Jesus name🙏🏽
Sandelle JohnsonCustomer
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Hello crown belle Naturals, I’m so happy and very impressed with your products. My daughter’s hair is so soft and fluffy. It’s growing so well. Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend it to everyone.
Nina B Customer
Crown Belle
Hey boo! I’ve been using your products for a long time now maybe a couple of months now and I’m seeing such a difference in my natural hair. I love all of your natural hair products so much 🥰❤️🥰 and will continue to use them as it works wonders for my natural hair.  I love that the products don’t have any chemicals in them. The African black soap shampoo cleans my scalp and hair without drying and stripping my hair of its essentials. Also, the slip of the shampoo on my hair is great and it lathers up well. I especially love that when I use the shampoo and finger detangle my curls pop. You would think the shampoo is conditioner by how good it moisturizes my hair. The moisturizing conditioner is rich and truly moisturizes and softens my hair. Even after I rinse out the conditioner it is still moisturized and not dry. The hydrating leave in conditioner and moisturizing cream also moisturizes and hydrates every strand of hair on my head.  Your herbal oil is growing my hair making it shiny, thick and long. It especially works well when I massage the oil into my hair as you’ve instructed. I also apply it when I do all of my protective hair styles. Your scalp treatment is great too especially when my scalp is itchy. The Butterlicious whipped butter locks in the moisture in my hair and leaves my hair shiny. It’s especially good for the ends of my hair as well. Overall, I’m a very happy customer and I will continue to be a customer!!!! 🤗😊

African Black Soap Healing Shampoo

$ 4
  • This Shampoo is made with authentic African Black Soap from Ghana, West Africa. It features Neem Extract and Willow Back Extract oils to combat itchy, dry and flaky scalp issues
  • It's also full of humectants and moisturizing ingredients such as Honey, Aloe Vera and Panthenol.
  • It Cleanses, Nourishes and Heals the scalp.